Friday, September 19, 2008

At least we know rock bottom

Should Waukesha ever see the stadium get built at Frame Park, we now know what the bottom line is for the proposed Northwoods Baseball team. Averaging 500 people per game just isn't enough to survive.

On Tuesday, [Brainerd Blue Thunder] owners Skip and Pam Marr voluntarily handed the team over to the league after four years, citing an inability to pay approximately US$29,000 in dues.

Since rejoining the league in 2005, Brainerd has averaged just under 500 fans a game, good enough for last place in each of those seasons.

By the way, some little birds are telling me the rock under Frame Park is harder than anybody thought. Must be the reason there's a quarry down the road. Gee, Frame Park: tranquil island of nature in an urban setting, blasting zone.

You know, Larry looks a little like Mr. Slate, only with slightly better footwear. And Mr. Slate wore a tie to work.