Saturday, September 13, 2008

All downhill from here

WNS-Washington Responding to a question about the resurgence of high gas prices resulting from oil refineries shut down along the Gulf coast, today presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama announced a new energy initiative.

"If everyone in America, whether they are going shopping or to pay their medical bills or planning on doing some community organizing, would plan their routes better to make their trips completely downhill, Americans would conserve enough fuel to drive our cars for the next 25 years."

"If we could, and we can, plan our trips better so that every time we're going to help someone who cannot afford proper health insurance, give a homeless person hope, or attend one of our fundraisers, we would just drive downhill, each trip would save you 35% of your fuel consumption."

"Now I know what some of you are thinking. You're thinking, `But the food pantry is uphill from my house?' We need to change. After eight years of driving uphill, we need to change direction. We must find a way to go downhill, whether it's to that food pantry, or to the next private Bon Jovi concert, we are that change."