Thursday, August 07, 2008

When their fall-back position is false cries of racism

Stu Levitan and Brian Fraley mix it up on WisOpinion the Show this week, and I have an analysis of the exchange over at

But Levitan can’t help himself. When Fraley criticizes former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler, Levitan comments (at 12:20), “It’s interesting that you would cite Louis Butler right after I talked about racism.” When Fraley calls him on it and asks if he’s not allowed to criticize African American politicians because he is Caucasian, Levitan responds that of course Fraley can talk about African American politicians (thanks for the permission), “But it’s interesting.”
I think its interesting that the political left is already intellectually exhausted by what has been a rather shallow political campaign season so far. You'd think they would have more to say than false cries of "racism."