Friday, August 29, 2008

What about the polar bears?

Jim Rowen at The Political Environment claims Governor Palin is not a Friend of the Polar Bear.

I know, I know: polar bears don't vote, but people who want them protected sure do.

The temptation is to make a joke along the lines if you get too friendly with a polar bear in Alaska, he just might have you over for dinner.

But Rowen reminds me of a trap politicians often fall into.

Years ago PBS had a panel discussion with several ex-secretaries of state and the question was posed how much did domestic politics influence foreign policy decision making?

Kissinger responded that there was always somebody in the room who said, "We can't do that. We might offend the people who would never vote for us in the first place." Okay, it's funnier in Kissinger's accent, but you get the point.

The people that really, really care about the polar bear and would let the issue affect how they vote were never going to vote for McCain in the first place.

Now how about some Polar Bear Stew while you wrap yourself in that nice polar bear blanket?