Sunday, August 17, 2008

RIP Gary Dobbert

Regardless of anyone's opinion of Gary Dobbert's role in the Milwaukee County pension scandal, he deserved better than this:

But when word of large six-figure backdrops became widely known in early 2002, a public uproar led to the forced resignation of then County Executive F. Thomas Ament and the recalls of seven county supervisors. Before he left office, Ament called for the resignations of Dobbert and two other top aides, former Corporation Counsel Robert Ott and former labor relations Director Henry Zielinski.

Ament said Sunday that Dobbert "was a fine public servant" and should be remembered that way. Family members declined to comment.

Nobody will ever confuse Ament with being a class act. After sticking the political knife into Dobbert (and making him the target for prosecution), Ament should have declined comment on Dobbert's passing and just offered his condolences instead.