Wednesday, August 06, 2008

No talking during the election

Wisconsin Club for Growth just sent out their weekly newsletter and I thought I would share one item of importance:

On August 28th, The Wisconsin GAB is holding a public hearing on proposed rule changes that would severely restrict free speech during an election. The board, which consists of six retired judges, is taking their cues from so-called good government groups who want to clean up campaigns by eliminating speech.

These folks have bought into the notion that money spent during elections corrupts politicians and increases the negative tone of campaigns – and that they must explore regulating political speech, to make it less negative.

But limiting the ability of citizens to speak their minds politically, will only serve to protect incumbents from the very constituents to whom they should be accountable. If incumbent politicians face no real opposition because their would-be critics have been silenced, they will be far more likely to ignore their constituents and become tools of the special interests.

The proposed rule changes were drafted for the GAB by the ultra-liberal Brennan Center for Justice, which sports such intellectual luminaries as Alec Baldwin on its advisory board and receives the lion’s share of its funding from billionaire George Soros of Ironically, the Brennan Center is itself one of the dreaded third-party interest groups the new rules are intended to silence. The real goal of the Brennan Center is to help elect and retain liberal politicians and judges at all levels of government. To that end, the Brennan Center opposes such common-sense measures as photo ID for and proof of citizenship for voting, and preventing convicted felons from voting. Liberals believe they need vote fraud to keep their people in office.

Groups like the Brennan Center are shameless in their zeal to control every aspect of our lives – and by controlling political speech, it will guarantee more liberal legislators in office to push their intrusive big-government policies, and more liberal judges on the bench to back them up.