Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Keeping free speech alive at GAB

The Wisconsin Club for Growth tells us Thursday is when the Government Accountability Board will hear from a number of experts on attempts to limit free speech under the guise of Campaign Finance Reform.

GAB Fest

Thursday the six retired judges who make up the Government Accountability Board will hear testimony from nationally recognized legal experts making a strong case against the constitutionality of proposed rules to gag free political speech in Wisconsin.

The judges will also hear completely irrelevant and emotionally charged testimony from Wisconsin’s favorite good government hypocrite Mike McCabe, who runs the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, a non-profit organization which uses every issue known to man to justify gagging free political speech. McCabe will serenade board members with his usual liberal tirade - providing them with a much needed break from the legal realities standing between their desire to make life easier for Wisconsin incumbent politicians, and our right to speak freely about their voting records.

Wisconsin Club for Growth is proud to be part of a diverse coalition of business and professional associations, labor unions and other non-profit and membership organizations opposing the proposed ban on free speech, and we are most grateful to representatives from the Center for Competitive Politics and the James Madison Center for Free Speech for providing their testimony to the GAB this week.

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