Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Just a little vote fraud here and there

Nothing to be concerned about, no reason to be alarmed. After all, they're just Democrats.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now fired about a dozen canvassers and alerted Milwaukee's election commission to most of the problematic forms. The election commission's director, Sue Edman, said the workers lost their ability to register voters, and the commission is making sure no incomplete or fabricated forms are entered into the voter database.

Six canvassers have been referred to the district attorney's office for potential criminal charges, she said.

The news unnerved Republican Party leaders who believe widespread fraud in the 2004 election may have handed Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry a narrow 11,000-vote victory and fear they will see a replay in 2008.

It should do more than unnerve Republican leaders. It should upset all of us. We'll see if any of them are charged and with what.

Maybe they could turn to Senator Barack Obama for legal advice.