Thursday, August 14, 2008

It won't be their fault

I'd like to thank the 100 or so people (someone counted 150) who turned out to Frame Park tonight. I'd especially like to thank the aldermen who attended, and I'm looking forward to seeing the TV coverage.

You may have heard the name calling in this debate. I will not stoop to the mayor's level. Maybe if he traveled less and took more time to enjoy Frame Park, he would share our concerns rather than make long-distance snippy comments. Nonetheless, I still want to believe the mayor is doing what he thinks is best and that this is an honest difference of opinion between a broad-based coalition in the community (many of whom supported the mayor for election); and a few narrow special interests, the mayor, and his administration. As such I would ask the mayor to accord the opposition the same respect we have shown him so far in this debate.

The wardrobe cracks are, of course, independent of anything the mayor does.

To those of you who stopped me to tell me you like reading my column, thanks. Those of you who especially liked the last one, thanks again. I confess to being more Richard Blaine in style than Victor Laszlo, but I'm glad you liked it.

Of course, nothing I would write would have any meaning if the public wasn't calling. And from what I understand, the public is calling.