Sunday, August 31, 2008

Idiots on the move

It’s a tough, tough choice this week. Milwaukee Public Schools Board Member Charlene Hardin certainly makes a case for herself. Oh, not that she took a trip to a conference she had no intention of attending. Or even that she didn’t even bother with the sign-in sheet. Nope. No, you just have to be pretty idiotic to get caught. Maybe if she didn’t complain when all the goody bags were taken, one of her fellow conference attendees (some who actually attended) wouldn’t have ratted her out.

To be really dumb, it takes a video camera on an airplane. Don Fowler of the Democratic National Committee and Congressman John Spratt of South Carolina are absolutely thrilled Hurricane Gustav is headed towards the Gulf Coast in time for the Republican National Convention.

But to be really stupid it takes a Lt. Governor from Wisconsin. Barbara Lawton actually criticized Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for not having enough experience.

Somebody should ask Lawton about her qualifications. Let’s see, Lawton is qualified to be governor because, um, yeah, how did she end up Lt. Governor again?

If the Democrats manage to win in November, we will have the least qualified president in the modern era of the presidency. And if Barack Obama then grabs Governor Jim Doyle for his cabinet, Wisconsin will have Lawton as our governor.

Thanks for reminding us Barbara. Most of the time we happily forget that you’re there, but for reminding us that you’re only a heartbeat away from being governor, congratulations, you’re our Idiot Politician of the Week.