Friday, August 01, 2008

Goodbye Sitemeter

Microsoft must hate Sitemeter. I got home tonight to discover Internet Explorer 7.0 could not open my blog all the way. After repeating the experiment on a second computer and getting the same results, I then watched to see where IE choked on my site. It kicked up an error right as it was loading Sitemeter. I tried to go to the Sitemeter website and got the same error.

So Sitemeter is gone, along with the TTLB Ecosystem. I wasn't a big fan of it anyway, and it's likely the problems were caused by Sitemeter playing with the cookies.

A quick look at Google points out I'm not alone in this.

Update! A commenter at Little Green Footballs has a solution:

Call the Messiah! he's the one we've been waiting for to fix the internet.

Update 2! Patrick at Badger Blogger has chucked Sitemeter, but Ann Althouse told me she is going to try to tough it out. She wants us to dump IE instead.

Update 3!No Runny Eggs reports, when in doubt - upgrade to the beta IE 8! (IE 1 the browser, IE 2 the browser... IE 8 the browser! You ate the browser? Yuck.)