Tuesday, August 19, 2008

BID hands mayor defeat on baseball stadium proposal

The Waukesha Business Improvement District failed to approve a motion last night to support the mayor's proposal for a new baseball stadium at Frame Park. The vote was 6-6. The vote was especially significant given that the members of the board are selected by the mayor and are subject to being replaced when their terms are up. We'll see if this provides the momentum to kill the stadium proposal tonight at the common council meeting.

Also at the meeting, Alderman Radish reiterated his threat to see the existing diamond plowed under if the stadium is not built.

In all seriousness, it's a position that doesn't make sense. If the city was going to invest $205,000 for the lighting if the stadium was built, then it could still invest the $205,000 for the lighting. The remaining portion of the $300,000 CIP was for other improvements which could be possibly raised through private donations, a possibility not explored since the whole stadium issue was brought up in 2005 and the lighting and field improvements were an issue then.