Saturday, August 16, 2008

Best of the Wisconsin Blogs

No, not me. Well, it should be me every week, but Patrick at Badger Blogger got tagged with it this week (he awaits significant financial reward for the honor).

Heating woes
Hang onto your pocketbooks again; along with all of the new taxes, some disguised as fees, Wisconsinites can also count on an average of $200 more in home heating costs this winter. If you use natural gas to heat your homes, expect a 21% spike, and if you use oil, look for about a 26% spike. And if you live in a rural area and use propane to heat your home, look for a 13% spike, to an average of nearly $2,000 this winter.

Now, aren't you glad that the Democrats are preventing us from gaining access to our own natural resources? What's a couple hundred bucks to a Wisconsin family, when it means that a caribou doesn't have to duck under a pipeline or some damn fool thing like that?

Patrick Dorwin
Badger Blogger