Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shhh, it's a secret (part VII)

During the Q & A in the Waukesha Common Council last night, Alderman Francoeur too quickly conceded to Chad Bauer that he does not have to reveal publicly who his investors might be for the proposed baseball franchise to play at the proposed new stadium at Frame Park. She then asked if Bauer would be willing to tell the mayor and a few others in private who the investors might be to assure the Council of the organization's sound financial status.

Surely Alderman Francoeur does not believe the use of taxpayer-supported land should just be given away to "secret investors"? When we're considering making a substantial change to the very character of the most prized public space in Waukesha, the people of Waukesha has the right to know to whose benefit. That she would even consider that this information should be reserved to a few mandarins in city hall rather than trusted to her constituents is just outrageous, and she should be ashamed she made the suggestion.