Monday, July 07, 2008

Obama and the Supremes

Yuval Levin over at National Review Online The Corner watches Senator Obama dance on the tightrope of late-term abortions.

To the growing list of Barack Obama’s tactical moves to the right on terrorist wiretapping, gun control, trade, Iraq and the like we can now add abortion as well. In this case as in the others, he has moved in what would be the right direction on the substance, but in a way that strongly suggests he is trying to play voters for fools.

Levin goes through each stage of Obama's thinking on the subject, but what is striking is how Obama's positions are often at odds with the type of supreme court justice Obama is expected to appoint. Taken with his newfound support for gay marriage in California, Senator Obama's position seems to be that he is willing to take definite stands on issues with the hope that some court will render his opinion moot. Perhaps it is the opinion of the senator the Constitution should be amended to abolish the position of the president and place a member of the Supreme Court as head of the executive branch instead.