Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Keeping Wisconsin's ban on abortion

In case you missed it, Sue Armacost of Wisconsin Right to Life wrote in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Sunday about Wisconsin's law banning abortion and the importance of keeping the law.

In 1973, seven U.S. Supreme Court justices said they were unable to determine when life began, and Roe vs. Wade became the law of the land. This tragic decision foisted upon our nation abortion for any reason, as many times as a woman wants one, throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy. Since then, the technology of ultrasound and the advent of in vitro fertilization demonstrate beyond the shadow of a doubt that every unborn child is a unique member of the human family from the time of fertilization.

Several unsuccessful attempts have been made over the years to repeal our abortion ban. For this year’s attempt, pro-abortion groups were able to mobilize only a few dozen people to attend the public hearing, in stark contrast to the 500 individuals who came to defend the lives of unborn children. Abortion proponents were unable to secure enough committee votes for the repeal to move forward. But they will be back in the next legislative session.

For the sake of human rights and decency, Wisconsin must retain our abortion ban and remain a state that believes in the promise of each human life by providing every member of the human family the right to live.