Monday, July 21, 2008

Is the Wisconsin Way Your Way?

I am trying to decide if I should even waste the gas to go to Wisconsin Way's 2nd meeting tonight. I went to the first and got exactly what I expected from a group that consists of WEAC, Wisconsin Counties Association, the Roadbuilders and the Realtors. It was all the typical "we need to raise taxes to provide for education, roads, and other government services". After being involved for most of my adult life, this stuff gets pretty predictable right down to "increasing the sales tax to reduce property taxes" and "taxing big business more". After a tour through the Wisconsin Way website, not much has changed. There are surveys to back up their agenda. The surveys would have been more credibile if based on facts rather than perceptions. After all, on any given day after who knows what happened, I could change my mind on any number of things (my kids would probably disagree with that statement). I could go on but I do remember that at some point James took Taxconsin Way to task. If anyone can give me a good reason to waste my gas and my time to go to this, please, please tell me why.

Maybe by the end of the week I'll figure out how to get pictures into this...WTL's website ( works a little differently.