Saturday, July 19, 2008

Get that idiot off the fairway

This week we look for the Idiot Politician of the Week with a surgeon’s precision. Can we ask for a local?

How about a Coggs? Milwaukee County Supervisor Elizabeth Coggs? Because nothing puts the loco in local politics like a Coggs. Having learned about Milwaukee Alderman Mike McGee Jr. receiving a transportation allowance while sitting in jail, Coggs asked for a transportation allowance, too. Sorry Coggs, but you’re only guilty of criminal stupidity. No transportation allowance for you.

Down the hall from Coggs is Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway, who wants to raise taxes because people are too poor to drive to the suburbs.

I almost feel deprived out here in Waukesha. Here we only have Alderman and County Supervisor Kathy Cummings. Cummings was last heard arguing in the Waukesha Common Council against spending the money to upgrade the rail crossings because we would all eventually get used to the train horns. Since the city failed to get their application in on time, Cummings’ theory has been put to the test. I’d ask for her reaction, BUT I CAN’T HEAR HER OVER THE TRAINS.

Perhaps in a more quiet, tranquil, peaceful setting we can really concentrate on the task at hand and find this week’s Idiot Politician of the Week. Shh. It’s the U.S. Bank Championship celebrity golf driving event. Dr. Sheldon Wasserman, state representative from River Hills is about to tee off. Wasserman is facing State Senator Alberta Darling in the election, and Wasserman surrogates have raised questions about Darling’s health. Wasserman himself likes to add to the speculation by claiming a near-perfect attendance and voting record in Madison. Shhh. The doctor is about to tee off.

Oops. It looks a little short on that one! About 18 yards less than his opponent. He doesn’t look happy. After all, what idiot enters a golf driving contest against his political opponent after questioning her health, and then isn’t good enough to do better than her? When she out-drives him by a pretty good distance? When she’s older than him by 17 years? Whose health is in question?

I’ll tell you what kind of idiot. It’s our Idiot Politician of the Week Sheldon Wasserman. If he keeps making bone-headed decisions like this one, he’ll have plenty of time for golf lessons after an abrupt ending to his political career.