Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Drinking Right tonight!

And I'm making my semi-annual appearance and everything. Oh yeah, the lovely Doreen from Waukesha will be there, too.

Papa’s Social Club
7718 W. Burliegh
Milwaukee, WI
The fun starts at 7:00.

I'll be handing out autographs and looking for suggestions for my next column (other than "on time and less than 700 words"). Tonight CC Sabathia starts for the Brewers, so what better way to celebrate than by talking with a bunch of bloggers?

Oh yeah, I'll also be looking for suggestions how "right-wing bloviators from Milwaukee and their mimickers from the troubled city's silk-stockinged suburbs" can "intimidate" the Cap Times and Dave Zweifel into having actual standards.

By the way, does Waukesha's Mayor Larry Nelson consider Waukesha a "silk-stocking suburb?" Remember when Delafield got upset at Nelson for calling them pretentious? Will our mayor stick up for us now?