Thursday, July 03, 2008

Don't ask for whom the school bell tolls

The Waukesha School District's Enrollment Management Committee considered five schools as eligible for closing, said closing two schools was possible, nominated two, but are recommending the school board pick one to close. The EMC's report is online (PDF). I hope that explains things.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's coverage indicates five schools are on the list to be cut. What the committee actually said,

That given the criteria developed by the committee, a narrow majority of the committee felt that two schools surfaced as most closely met the criteria: Blair and Saratoga.

However, the committee reiterated that it is not these two only that should be considered. Any of the five remaining schools are possible to be closed and the Superintendent and Board of Education may wish to add additional criteria to the list developed by the committee.

Anyway, in this week's column in the Waukesha Freeman, I address the parents of the central city schools who are attempting to organize opposition to closing a school, as well as a few aldermen. I sympathize, but this should have been done years ago.