Saturday, June 14, 2008

With two you get blogroll

The Americans for Prosperity blogging seminars have already paid off.

Jessi Olson is now blogging in Jefferson County, Wake Up America.

Hi my name is Jessica Olson also known as Jessi. I am working very hard to get my blog started but hold tight you will love my topics, conversations and input. My plan is to Wake Up America. Watch for my links, articles and featured websites.

Good luck Jessi.

Meanwhile, Capt. Karl is blogging at The Liberty Tree Lantern.

Ol’Capt. Karl, the writer, is concerned about the Constitutionally contemptuous actions of the U.S. Congress that have led us down the path toward Socialism, the loss of our FREEDOM, and is resulting in a massive degradation of our INDIVIDUAL prosperity.

This blog is specifically setup to inform my fellow countrymen about the ravages of the U.S., State of Wisconsin and local Marinette / Pestigo Government actions which run contrary to our Freedom and our best interests, both in a historical and contemporary sense but both as they combine to impact our lives today.

Join Ol’ Capt. Karl under The Liberty Tree where the light of truth shines to expose tyrants and provide insight as to what we can do as a FREE people to restore that which has been usurped by despots.

Capt. Karl is a Ron Paul holdout and a critic of the Federal Reserve. I forgot to mention in Appleton I'm a fan of Alexander Hamilton.

Good luck to both of these new bloggers.