Monday, June 23, 2008

Will they be even happier if he gets shipped off to Guantanamo?

A possible crackpot got an opportunity to tell members of the mainstream media how he had sex with Barack Obama and snorted cocaine with Obama in the back of Obama's limousine and the lefty blogosphere tried everything they could to silence the possible crackpot. Finally, they had him arrested.

Larry Sinclair, 46, was allowed to deliver his presentation to the smattering of reporters in attendance before deputy U.S. Marshals quietly led him away in handcuffs, Sinclair's lawyer confirmed Thursday. Already burdened with a long rap sheet, Sinclair was wanted on a criminal warrant in Delaware.

The arrest followed a failed campaign by Firedoglake, a leading liberal blog, to prevent Sinclair from airing his allegations at the prestigious Press Club.

But a couple blogging from Paris then began trying to arrange for his arrest at the appearance -- a plan that seems to have succeeded.

"After a phone call to the Washington, D.C. Police, we have verified that Lawrence Wayne Sinclair has been arrested at the National Press Club just after his press conference ended," bloggers at the Mitch and Nan Show trumpeted Thursday.

Sinclair claims to have had sex and snorted drugs with Barack Obama in the back of a limousine in 1999 while Obama was a state legislator. The claims are unsubstantiated, and Sinclair first made them in a YouTube video released this January, which has garnered over 900,000 views -- despite Sinclair's long history of criminal fraud, and his flunking of a polygraph on the supposed tryst.

Oh yeah, this is supposed to make me feel better about Obama delivering us from the "police state" of George Bush. I especially love the part where they cite the polygraph and past criminal record as evidence of Sinclair's unreliability. Sounds like a bunch of fascists to me. Who else are they going to have arrested for saying bad things about the mighty Obama?

And then the arrest is cheered for over at Uppity Wisconsin. Guess we know why they chose the fascist-looking raised fist as their symbol.