Thursday, June 12, 2008

Weren't able to join the governor for a quick nine?

Maybe you were out putting up sand bags. Maybe you were pumping water out of your basement. Maybe you were evacuating your home as the river nearby threatened to wipe out everything you owned. Maybe you were too busy wondering how you would replace your home on Lake Delton.

There were probably a lot of reasons you couldn't join Governor Doyle on his golf outing on Tuesday. And of course, you really, really wanted to be there. Well, lucky for you the Manitowoc Herald Times has this photo for sale of Governor Doyle celebrating after a great golf shot at another golf tournament. For just $25, this unframed 8x10 print will allow you to feel you were there when the governor got a call telling him the status of flood emergencies all around Wisconsin. Certainly cheaper than the $1,250 Doyle's contributors paid to see it in person.