Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tony Romo, bachelor quarterback

Is the jinx finally banished from Texas Stadium? The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson have broken up. And if you can't trust seasoned professional accredited journalists using a single anonymous source, who can you trust? (Remember kids, don't try this at home.)

OK, here's the latest on all the Jessica Simpson-Tony Romo splitsville rumors.

One of the Dallas Cowboys quarterback's best buddies from his Eastern Illinois college days tells me Romo says it's over -- mainly for two reasons: the intense media scrutiny that comes from being in Simpson's life and the problems he has with her overbearing father, Joe Simpson.

Jessica Simpson's representatives continue to insist the duo are still a couple. Plus sources close to both Simpson and Romo tell me the NFL star likely will keep his promise to escort Jessica to sister Ashlee Simpson's marriage this weekend to Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz.

Yet, the Romo pal -- part of the posse that hung with the pro-baller during his hard partying in Chicago last weekend (including his off-key singing at Wrigley Field during the seventh inning stretch) -- quotes Romo as saying he and Simpson ''are definitely over.'' The Cowboy apparently explained he had ''really had it'' with being a constant target of the paparazzi and the celebrity press in general, and feels this particular romantic relationship was distracting him from his football career.

In addition, Romo's friend said the talented QB has been put off by the intrusive style of Joe Simpson, who's been ''not only telling Jessica every move to make, but now has begun to offer unsolicited advice to Tony on his career, endorsement opportunities and things that have nothing to do with him dating Jessica.''

Let me repeat:
Troy Aikman never let a woman come between him and winning the Super Bowl.