Friday, June 20, 2008

Three ways to lower gas prices

Here in Wisconsin, there's a grass roots effort, a petition drive being led by an ordinary citizen with help from Americans for Prosperity.

And just recently Congressman Steve Kagen (D) had a campaign event with his fellow Democratic Congressman Collin Peterson, the head of the House Agriculture Committee. During a speech endorsing Kagen, Peterson called for more drilling (something the Gard campaign completely missed the boat on). The Appleton Post Crescent* quotes Peterson,

"I'm for drilling, I'm for nuclear, I'm for coal, whatever it takes to get us out of the Middle East," he said at the Wiese Brothers' Greenleaf farm where liquid manure is dried into a fuel used to generate electricity.

"We need more (energy production) … and we need to conserve," he said.

That's a very different position than the position of the Democratic leadership, including the party's nominee for president Barack Obama, and certainly a different position than the one adopted by Steve Kagen.

Senator John McCain has finally seen the light. The head of the House AG committee has seen the light. How soon before we drill for our own oil, before we add more nuclear power, lest everyone seeing the light watches the lights go out?

* aka The Appleton Half-Moon