Thursday, June 05, 2008

A tale of two people looking for a job

So let me tell you a story. I heard that some members of the community were drafted to interview the two candidates for school superintendent. I found out when and where the meetings were and tried to make it in time for the end of the second meeting on Tuesday, the interview with Cudahy Superintendent Jim Heiden. Missed it by that much.

However, I ran into a very officious-looking person, Human Resources Director Jack Bothwell, and asked him where the interview was being conducted. He said he knew exactly where it was and started to lead my two small children and me to the room. Then he asked me which group I’m with.

“I’m not. I’m a writer. I write a column for the Waukesha Freeman that appears every Thursday and I’m under deadline.” (See Bill? I do know when my deadline is. I think.)

Bothwell (where’s Johnson?) told me that the meeting was already over, and that the candidate was now meeting with administrative types. I replied that, gee, the mayor’s car is still outside, and I’m supposed to meet and talk to Chris Lufter (of the Waukesha Taxpayers League) afterwards… Meanwhile, never stopping following Bothwell.

When we arrived at the room, Bothwell stuck his head in the door to try to get Lufter’s attention. After a second or two I took advantage and went past Bothwell into the room, saying “It’s okay. It’s an open meeting. We’ll just sit right over here where we won’t bother anyone.”

I looked at the moderator, Mark Hansen, executive director of curriculum and instruction, to see if he would say something but he didn’t. I’m told Bothwell just looked confused, like he should stop me but didn’t know if he could.

Here’s a trick in life. It’s awfully hard to get thrown out of a meeting that the mayor and a candidate for state assembly are attending, especially when you have children in tow. For as tempted as their mother and I have been at times to lock them in handcuffs, I can assure it’s damn embarrassing for politicians*.

True to my word, my little urchins behaved themselves until the meeting ended with Hansen asking the committee members not to talk about the deliberations in the meeting.

Hey, no problem, but you don’t mind if I write about it in my column, do you?

It's amazing how much entertainment and information I can provide for only 50 cents.

For the record, here's the list of people invited to be part of Waukesha's version of the Star Chamber. "+++" indicates the ones who attended.
Not exactly a taxpayer friendly bunch in attendance.

* Although the mayor did suggest putting each of the superintendent candidates in a room with my children for a while as a test.