Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shhh, it's a secret (part V)

The Waukesha Freeman nails it in this editorial:

DART. To the city of Delafield. Officials did not release the names or any information on the finalists for its city administrator position prior to hiring Timothy Schuenke, former city manager in Park Ridge, Ill., at a special meeting Thursday night. Mayor Ed McAleer said the city did not reveal any information on the finalists because they were involved in negotiations with the city, but we feel the citizens should have been given some idea of who might be selected as the next city administrator, given the importance of that position. Releasing the names of finalists after the fact does citizens no service, as the decision has already been made. Schuenke does seem to be very wellqualified, however, and we hope the city can move forward with its new city administrator, leaving behind the divisions and drama created by the November termination of former City Administrator Matt Carlson.
Given all the controversy surrounding the firing of Carlson, city government in Delafield owed it to the citizens to make this process as open as possible.