Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Republican Bill Kramer announces for re-election

Another 97th Assembly District update. Here is Kramer's press release:

Representative Bill Kramer to seek re-election
to 97th Assembly District seat

Pledges to continue fighting for
tax relief, government reform, safe communities

Waukesha – Representative Bill Kramer has submitted 400 signatures to the Government Accountability Board to have his name placed on the November ballot as he seeks re-election for the 97th Assembly District.

Kramer, first elected in 2006, is a 1994 graduate of Duke Law School and lifelong resident of Waukesha. He is also founder and owner of Kramer Financial Management and a registered Certified Public Accountant. He provides investment advice to help clients plan for retirement and college expenses and offers tax preparation services.

“With the anxiety Waukesha’s families have over the current economic downturn, I am committed to ensuring that government growth is held in check. Just as families throughout Wisconsin are tightening their belt, so should state government. We should control spending and seek broad-based tax relief to help grow our economy,” remarked Kramer.

As the co-author of the Competitive Marketplace Act, legislation that would repeal the state’s law that requires a minimum price markup on gasoline, and prohibits $4 prescription drugs from being sold at large retail outlets, Representative Kramer understands that government regulations can only add to the challenges facing Waukesha residents every day. This outmoded law hurts seniors and places Waukesha’s businesses at a competitive disadvantage with other states.

“We need to reform how government operates. We need to bring transparency so that everyday people can see how government spends their money and feel confident it is being spent effectively. People work too hard to have their tax dollars squandered on pork projects and costly, uncompetitive employee benefits,” said Kramer.

Kramer authored legislation that would have created a first-of-its-kind website that would allow Wisconsin residents to track state spending on all expenditures over $100. Additionally, he co-sponsored legislation that would have brought transparency to legislative earmarks – specific projects inserted into spending bills that benefit a sole legislative district and are often wasteful.

“I believe that the cost of government employee healthcare is putting a real strain on local government, especially our schools. We need to continue fighting to bring the cost of these benefits in line with the taxpayers ability to pay,” continued Kramer.

Kramer has been an outspoken advocate for AB 110, a bill that would have allowed local government and school boards to change healthcare plans and free them from the burdens of these traditionally and chronically expensive plans for their employees. Legislation like AB 110 would have an immediate and appreciable effect on school budgets, freeing up dollars that can go to expanding educational opportunities for Waukesha students. AB 110 was recently endorsed by the Waukesha School Board.

Between now and November, Representative Kramer will be knocking on doors and meeting voters to listen to their concerns about their jobs and the economy, excessive and unaccountable government spending, and safe communities.