Saturday, June 07, 2008

Movies and omelets cancelled this morning

First I want to thank Mark Belling for the nice complement*.

I had a nice conversation this afternoon with Jeff Christensen, Communications Director of the Waukesha Democratic Party. Christensen informed me the planned program for the breakfast was actually cancelled a week ago because some (but not all) were uncomfortable with the topic. Then he told me the Oconomowoc Democrats are not actually an official organization, but that the county and the state party post "progressive" groups' events as a matter of course.

(Update! 6/8/08 I probably should have been clearer that the Oconomowoc Dems did not tell the county party the agenda had changed.)

Christensen also told me that the county party is reconsidering their policy regarding listing "progressive" groups' events if they are controversial.

Christensen told me that the reason the breakfast was cancelled because of the scrutiny the meeting received. He also told me that a number of people called the restaurant and a few of the local Democrats to complain, some rudely. I told him, of course, that I would clearly not encourage the rude phone calls. I also told him that had Rick Congdon returned my call or answered my e-mail that this story would have ended much earlier. He and I agreed that I would contact him directly if I had any questions in the future.

Of course, it still doesn't change the fact that nobody with the Democratic Party at the state or the county saw anything wrong with promoting the event until Mark Belling mentioned my blog post on the air, and that this reveals a significant segment of the county party (unofficial affiliation or not) believe in 9/11 conspiracies.

(* And thanks to Dave at Carrick Bend and anyone else who did for sending the tip to Belling)