Monday, June 30, 2008

If you haven't yet, you want to meet Phil

From Fight Back Wisconsin:

Phil Williamson is trying to show members of Congress that the voices of the people still matter, and Americans for Prosperity wants to help. Williamson has been circulating petitions in and around his native town of Waterford to try and get the attention of Congress when it comes to gas prices. In the petition, Williamson informs elected officials in Washington that we (the people of Wisconsin) are at our "wits end" with high oil and gas prices. The petition further calls for action from our Representatives in the form of exploration and drilling for oil in the United States, in addition to the building of new oil refineries.

This coming weekend as you're grilling out, pass the petition around to a few friends and family and ask them to sign. Take the couple of seconds to sign the online petition. Because, as Phil says, "If you don't sign up, please don't complain to me about how high gas prices are."

(Ht: Real Debate)