Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary Wigderson Library & Pub

Today is the anniversary of the Wigderson Library & Pub. It began on June 18th, 2004 at 7:16 PM.

Another quiet night in Waukesha

The first domestic dispute was reported (according to the Waukesha Freeman)at 11:57PM. Then 12:46 AM and 2:15 AM. If people would just go to bed at a decent hour there wouldn't be any trouble.

A little bit later I commented on living in Waukesha.


Hard to believe I live in Waukesha, sophisticated urbanite that I am. But let's face it. When the worst crime overnight is "A suspicious resident was carrying a stick and yelling at residents in the 800 block of Eales avenue" and he does it at the reasonable hour of 6:34 PM, THAT'S where I want to live.

And as for the guy who was reported to police for carrying garbage bags and mumbling to himself at the county courthouse, I hear you brother, I hear you. I hate the garbage rules too. But the aldermen are at another location.

Of course, in many cases they're the same people so spilling your trash at the courthouse might not be a bad idea.

I think the guy with the trash bags later ran for mayor.

Some rumors to dispense with:
1) Despite the assertion of Ruth Page Jones, State Representative Bill Kramer has never blogged here. I am much better looking than either Boots or Sabers.
2) The Wigderson Library & Pub has never filed a request for a TIF.
3) Despite what the copy editors at the Waukesha Freeman believe, I do not have blackmail information on Editor Bill Yorth.
4) I did not shoot J.R.
5) I am not a paid agent of (fill in the blank).
6) I am not quitting to run for (fill in the blank).

Wisconsin blogging has certainly changed since I first started. I've seen the rise of some great blogs and the fall of other blogs. Some blogs haven't figured out yet when they should just quit. I hope you don't think mine is one of them.

Blogging in Waukesha is hardly unique. Before me, Dean Mundy was blogging at Musings of a Thoughtful Conservative, and I believe Scott Feldstein was also blogging. Now the city is inundated with blogs and even the mayor is blogging.

My wife asked me not too long ago about the blog's popularity. The blog is not as popular as some, definitely more popular than others. It's popularity rises and falls like the amount in the church collection plate each week. Unless you get a really good sermon, the church roof will never get fixed.

I've never figured out how to make money at this, but that's okay. If I end up needing real money from this bad habit of writing all the time, I'll just take up blogging about porn.

I've enjoyed meeting so many people as a result of blogging (and the column), even the people who really, really disagree with me. I've inspired a few people to blog. Others I've influenced to do other things that they probably still blame me for.

Over the last four years, I've tried to maintain a sense of humor while trying to be entertaining and informative, and I think the audience appreciates it. I've told other bloggers that when it ceases to be fun that it's time to stop. Here's hoping that day never comes.