Monday, June 30, 2008

Deep fry free

What is happening to the world when you can't discuss politics over a beer, cigars, a greasy cheeseburger and french fries? Next thing you know the Democrats will ban beer and hookers at their national convention:

As part of the effort to make the August 25-28 convention the greenest ever, the Democrats' guidelines for food catering include one that strikes at the heart of Southern cuisine: no fried food.

No fried chicken. No fried catfish. No fried green tomatoes. No fried okra. No fried anything.

In promoting healthy eating habits, the Democratic guidelines say every meal should be nutritious and include "at least three of the following colors: red, green, yellow, purple/blue and white."

"It's the new patriotism," says Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, the driving force behind the greening of the Democratic convention.

Somebody tell Mayor Nelson he better pack a cooler.

(Ht: Owen)