Sunday, June 08, 2008

Can he walk and practice law at the same time?

The Associated Press infamously asked, what comes after Senator Kennedy? Apparently Massachusetts State Senator James Marzilli is looking to become an honorary Kennedy.

Marzilli, 50, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to six charges that he tried to grope one woman and harass another in Lowell Tuesday. He was released on $1,500 bail and is due back in court next month for a pretrial hearing.

Just last month, Middlesex District Attorney Gerard T. Leone Jr. said there was not enough evidence to charge Marzilli with inappropriately touching a woman he drove home from a fund-raiser in Arlington in April.

Leone said authorities are investigating allegations against the senator of inappropriate sexual contact with a woman in Brighton two years ago and in Arlington last year. Lowell police said that they are investigating reports from three other women who said Marzilli accosted them in Lowell Tuesday.

This is the second time the senator has been accused. But can we safely call Marzilli an idiot for hiring a lawyer named Kennedy for this type of case?

How about a collection of idiots in nearby New York? How about the whole United Nations General Assembly who managed to find an actual Commie to lead them?

The General Assembly of the United Nations voted this week to elect Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann as its new president. Readers with a long memory will recall Father D'Escoto (he's a Catholic priest) as Nicaragua's foreign minister during the Sandinista regime of the 1980s. He's also the winner of the 1985 Lenin Prize. Only at the U.N. does that count as a recommendation.

The U.N. also voted to name the government of Burma – which otherwise has been busy preventing humanitarian assistance from reaching hundreds of thousands of its own needy victims of last month's devastating cyclone – as one of the Assembly's vice presidents. Only at the U.N. is this not considered an embarrassment.

"Father" d'Escoto is already in full United Nations mode:

He also called for the U.N. to take a stand against "acts of aggression, such as those occurring in Iraq and Afghanistan." That would be American aggression, not the Taliban's, the Mahdi Army's or al Qaeda's.

Oh Heck, why not make a Commie head of the UN? Doesn't it confirm what most of us thought of the organization? Too bad Kurt Waldheim's dead. They could dig him up and go for the offensive totalitarian and fulfill the UN's mission of hating Israel at the same time.

Not too far away from here a similar-sized body, the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party of Minnesota, found former comedian* Al Franken suitable to be a US Senator. He may have questionable finances. He may be offensive. But gosh darn it, the Democrats like him. In the end, not a dissenting voice was heard.

One voice we wish would just go away to Plains, GA, is former President Jimmy Carter. During an interview with the Guardian:

I ask whether he detects an in-the-gut conversion to the path of peace in the Hamas leaders he met: "I do, but I may be naive and I may be mistaken."

That should be his epitaph.

But we're looking for a prize winner, and we find the prize idiot a little closer to our village. State Senator Jim Sullivan (Duh-Wauwatosa) actually picked a fight with a high school girl (15:35 in) about her school project and she out-debated him on vote fraud. While he's harrassing high school students and lying to them about his record, he's forgetting to mail in the paperwork to keep his law license in good standing. (ht: Badger Blogger) His clients may be wondering if their right to competent council has been compromised, and Jim Sullivan earns our idiot politician of the week award. As soon as he sends in the proper paperwork, we'll send him his prize.

* former, because he hasn't been funny for years.