Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A boy and his Powerpoint

I had very nice time last night talking about blogging with the Americans for Prosperity in Appleton. I gave a brief presentation of some successes by local bloggers and discussed how that niche can be effectively filled, using examples from Real Debate Wisconsin, Boots and Sabers, Spring City Chronicle and Badger Blogger. I even restricted myself to only one Owen Robinson joke.

I obviously could have used many more examples, but it was a short presentation so I tried to use examples that addressed different themes.

There was a presentation by a member of the national office of Americans for Prosperity and also Steve from No Runny Eggs also spoke a bit on blogging. The discussion ranged from how easy it is to do a blog to blogging anonymously.

The AFP road show travels to Madison next. Unfortunately I won't be there, but for those of you interested in attending, you can e-mail wirsvp@afphq.org or call 414-475-2975. Oh yeah, it's free.

Wednesday, June 11th.
5:30 pm Reception and Registration; 6:30 pm Seminar
The Lucy Burns Institute
301 South Bedford, Suite 6
Madison, WI 53703
(608) 255-0688

Given the relative success, I suspect there may be more of these in the future.