Monday, June 09, 2008

Anyway we can stop this stuff from running off?

The mayor wants water? According to the Spring City Chronicle,

Mayor Larry’s house has two feet of water in the basement, according to the mayor. As for me, I got a little water in the basement, but not even deep enough to measure.

Hopefully there isn't any permanent damage to the mayor's home. We seem to have been spared, mostly. Unfortunately, the city is taking it hard. According to the SCC:

I just saw the very first City of Waukesha Emergency Alert System in operation on the TV. The city is advising people to stay out of downtown because of flooding. The bridges on Madison and Barstow are closed, not because there is water on them, but because the river has come within inches of the road. Here’s the Freeman article. Here’s a report with video from WTMJ.

I drove around downtown last evening and the flooding drew more people downtown than the last Art Crawl. Gawkers. Lookie-loos. Main St. where it meets West Avenue was flooded. Bethesda Park was flooded, but it’s always flooded. I was trying to see how close the water was coming to the new condos being constructed at Wisconsin and St. Paul Avenue, but I couldn’t see and didn’t stop. Frame Park looked fine, there were a lot of people there, too.

Arcadian has been having water issues right where Al Kropp wants to land his helicopter. The lovely Doreen from Waukesha plowed through it Saturday night in the van. I avoided it with my little car.

Unfortunately, more rain is coming.