Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shirley's experience

Interesting interview with Wisconsin State Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson in the Cap Times. At the bottom of every press release criticizing her record next year, the following quote from Abrahamson should appear:

Q. You've said you plan to run on your record next year. What are the highlights of your tenure on the court you plan to publicize?

A. I've written hundreds of majority opinions, concurring opinions and dissenting opinions.

They're all fair game. The other interesting quote was the one about judicial activism. Instead of the "everybody's guilty" tact, Abrahamson is still relying on the "there's no such thing" speech.

The polls show that activist judge has no meaning to anyone. Nobody knows what activist judge means when they say it, and for the listener it doesn't have any meaning. When you say somebody's an activist judge, what you're really saying is I don't like that particular opinion. I think the people who use it think it's a slur and it will ultimately take on their connotation.

Riiiight. And there is no Mafia.

Still, I'm surprised the Cap Times (don't do the age joke!) didn't ask her (don't do it!) what it was like (oh no!) to be appointed by Hammurabi?