Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thoughts on the upcoming Primary Election Day

In this week's Waukesha Freeman column, I offer two thoughts on the upcoming election day.

First, I take a look at the presidential campaigns invading Wisconsin:

The politicians are coming. Illinois Sen. Barack Obama arrived Tuesday to speak in Madison. Chelsea Clinton arrived Monday to speak to University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee students. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee was in Waukesha on Wednesday. Proving Wisconsin is for lovers, former President Bill Clinton will be here today for Valentine’s Day. New York Sen. Hillary Clinton will be in Wisconsin on Saturday.

Unlike the editorialists and political junkies across the state who will tell you how all this campaigning is just wonderful, I sympathize with those of you who are nonpolitical and wish politicians would just go away. I wish we had a state list where adults could register as "apathetic" and they would never have to hear from a politician again.

Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way. Unless the apathetic suddenly rise up and make me governor (which would mean you actually care) you are going to be bombarded with television and radio ads, telephone calls interrupting dinner, and even people going door-to-door in some cases. Television newscasts will take time away from covering the latest snowfall to show snippets of speeches that will not tell you anything. The newspapers will detail the comings and goings of political celebrities as if they were People magazine covering the Hollywood red carpet.

There’s even a chance Waukesha’s Mayor Larry Nelson will find his tie for his upcoming public appearances for Obama.

And then I take a look at a race closer to home, the county supervisor race in district 24.
Of the three current county supervisors hoping to survive the primary, only Rodell Singert supported reducing the size of the county board. Singert voted for County Executive Dan Vrakas’ position of reducing the board to 19 members, and he opposed the cut to 25 members when it was clear it was merely an attempt by some board members to short-circuit a petition drive led by the Waukesha Taxpayers League.