Monday, December 03, 2007

What is a parent advocate?

Our old friend Ruth Page Jones is at it again with a guest op-ed in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel complaining about the state's school funding formula. Again, the legislation she is supporting is the resolution proposed by Democratic State Representative Sondy Pope-Roberts that finds no additional funds for schools, proposes no cost savings, and does nothing to help education. All Pope-Roberts has is a resolution calling on the legislature to "fix" the state funding formula.

Pope-Roberts supposedly has a plan. She told an audience in Waukesha she has a plan. But like Richard Nixon, she's keeping her plan secret until after the next election. Shhhh.

Maybe her plan looks something like the plan advocated by Ruth Page Jones and the Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools, a 42% increase in state spending, preferably funded by taxes on business and a sales tax increase.

She didn't mention that in her little article. Maybe because a few parents might ask if she's really an advocate for the teachers unions and the Democratic Party. She's certainly not an advocate for the parents who would have to pay the taxes and suffer in an economy crushed by the tax burden Ruth Page Jones would impose on Wisconsin.