Sunday, December 09, 2007

Or at least an Hermes purse

Oprah's campaigning for Barack Obama in Iowa. The Lovely Doreen from Waukesha made a couple of sharp observations:
Oprah on the campaign trail said that we need a candidate who can heal the racial divide. That's why she's backing Obama, because he's black. (It'll take a moment for those of you who are irony impaired. 3...2...1... Oh yeah.)

From the Associated Press report:

Terri Johnson of Urbandale, Iowa, lined up about two hours before the Des Moines event with three of her five children along. She said she had not been involved much in politics before, but was drawn to the rally by both Oprah and Obama.

"I would have voted for him without her, but it's nice to see Oprah," Johnson said, joking that she hoped Winfrey would have one of her famous giveaways. "I'd love to get a car."
Maybe they'll hand one out at the Caucus.

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