Thursday, December 20, 2007

Night in the city

Spoke this afternoon with Mayor Nelson who's a bit under the weather. If anyone has a home remedy for a cold, they might call it in to the Waukesha Freeman "Sound Off". The "Sound Off" is probably the section he reads more thoroughly than any other part of the paper. I'm guessing, and I should have asked, it's kinda like being a playwrite and reading the reviews the next day.

Perhaps I was fortunate he was not at full strength as I have not had a chance to talk to him since he and the city found a new city administrator, Lori (Lex?) Luthor, over my objections. The good news is that our new Dread Overlord's terms of employment are a bit more democratic than her predecessor's. She's an "at will" employee that can be removed by the majority of the Common Council. That's a giant leap in the right direction and I promise not to write again Luthor's job should be abolished until some time in 2008.

Those of you sending e-mails to the mayor may contribute to his next malady, Blackberry thumb. The mayor just got a new "crackberry" to help him respond to e-mails quicker. He figures it will give him the time to actually start his blog after the new year. His New Year's resolution is to blog for 15 minutes/day. My New Year's resolution is to spend only 15 minutes/day blogging about the mayor's blog.

I have good news about the leaves under the snow. If the snow melts, the city will resume it's leaf collection schedule. And if your lawn needs raking, I'm sure the mayor will pitch in. What we need are coal-fired snow blowers to remove the snow and contribute to more global warming.

That last part was my idea, not the mayor's.

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