Monday, December 03, 2007

Kidman in anti-clerical film

Nicole Kidman's latest movie is about a church, the Magisterium, that kidnaps children and subjects them to horrible experiments.

The author of the books on which the film was based admits his work is anti-Catholic in nature, making those of us who read People magazine wonder why the publicly Catholic (albeit divorced) Kidman would appear in such a movie.

Of course, the Catholic League is outraged and working up a boycott. However, the Catholic League has no plans of burning the Australian flag or rioting outside the Australian embassy and consulates. Wusses.

If Hollywood really wanted to stir up some controversy and free publicity, have Kidman star in a similar movie about a space alien worshipping cult that infiltrates the entertainment industry and controls the children of a nominally Catholic woman who mistakenly marries into the cult.

What a plot that would be, eh? I'd pay the ten bucks to see that.