Sunday, December 09, 2007

Frivolous luxury destroying the planet

Oh sure. I'll point you to my beer 'fridge. It's in the cage with the abused and hungry pitbulls.

The wacko environmentalists are coming for the beer fridge.

Getting rid of vintage “beer fridges” – secondary fridges which many North American and Australian homes boast – could have a significant impact on household greenhouse gas emissions, suggests a new study.

Beer fridges are additional fridges that are generally used to keep beer and other drinks cold on top of a household’s primary fridge for food. One in three Canadian households has a second fridge, many of which are ageing, energy-guzzling models, according to Denise Young, a researcher at the University of Alberta, Canada.

Young suggests that getting rid of older models, in Canada at least, would have an impact on energy usage. Her study analyses industry data and the results of a national survey to look at the environmental effects of having beer fridges in Canada.

"People need to understand the impact of their lifestyles," says Joanna Yarrow, director of Beyond Green, a sustainable development consultancy in the UK. "Clearly the environmental implications of having a frivolous luxury like a beer fridge are not hitting home. This research helps inform people – let's hope it has an effect".
Denise Young and Joanna Yarrow can contribute to the environment by feeding themselves to the polar bears for all I care. But when I want a politically incorrect cold one, I'm reaching into Old Reliable. And when I want a place to keep the extra fixin's for cocktails, I'm putting them in the Old Reliable. And when I have an extra bottle of vodka that needs proper chilling, Old Reliable has a freezer, too. And when it comes time to dispose of the body of the government agent that shows up to take away my beer refrigerator...

(ht: Silflay Hraka)

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