Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A cut? A cut?

Let's give praise where praise is due, even as we wonder what took him so long. Waukesha School Board Member Kurt O'Bryan has had a Road to Damascus* conversion.

“From what we’ve heard from past listening sessions, and we haven’t focused on, is that we may have too many facilities for our present enrollment,” board Member Kurt O’Bryan said. “We have 17 elementary schools and we have to ask – do we really need 17?”
Hallelujah! Too bad when he had a chance to close an underutilized facility earlier this year, he punted.
To try and protect some programs, O’Bryan also proposed increasing administration cuts to $700,000 and other board members proposed administrators, such as assistant principals, begin directing programs that have been reduced already.

Even a late conversion is welcome. Come on over O'Bryan and we'll show you visions of even more savings for the school district. All we ask is if your conversion is sincere.

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