Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Appeals Court drives me to drink

I confess that after a few cocktails this evening the Appeals Court ruling against the Wisconsin Virtual Academy makes even less sense to me. Reading the decision would lead me to believe that because I chose the method to help my kid with his math homework (I used an Excel spreadsheet instead of paperclips) in the Wisconsin Dells last week the entire Waukesha School District should be shut down. (Suddenly I can't decide if I'm for or against the ruling.) Am I not nĂºmero uno* responsible for my child's education? That's what the school district and WEAC keeps telling me. Off with their heads and defund them all! Start with Waukesha's Virtual Academy**, but leave no administrator in South's swimming pool behind!

The more level-headed and scholarly Rick Esenberg has just taken his first look at the ruling and has some serious questions. After reading Rick's comments and re-reading the ruling, I gotta believe the WVA has a strong case for appeal at the State Supreme Court.

Of course if we really had an "education governor", instead of calling a stupid special session to publicly fund the Democratic Party's candidates the governor would call a special session instead to immediately change the statutes to conform with the absurd Appeals Court ruling and keep WVA operating and the kids learning.

After all, all last year he had a virtual college education funding plan, so he must like virtual education, right?

*Somebody tell Peter DiGuadio that means "number one". I watch Dora the Explorer with my kids. But shouldn't she speak Portugeuse?
** Wait until Steve learns about the secret plans for a virtual pool.