Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What rivalry?

The Daily Dadio looks at the Packers-Cowboys rivalry from the view in Texas.

We Packer people always chide our younger siblings in Dallas with the "Ice Bowl." "Da whud?" They usually collectively would say.

"Come on man, we are rivals," I used to say to anyone who would listen.

To a person, the response was always, "Dat soo?! By the way, are them Packers still in that little town up north there some where or have they been moved to the Carolinas?" I could only always just sigh. I was always outnumbered.
Who do Cowboy fans consider their team's rivals?
But still Green Bay was to the collective fans down there in Dallas like a traveling museum show coming to town. Packer tradition, history, whatever, "Now lets play the real villains in Washington, Philadelphia, and New York," the mantra usually ran.
The Cowboys play the Washington Redskins in Washington on December 30th. I'm hoping it will be Joe Gibbs' final game.

I forget who's coaching the Packers.