Monday, November 12, 2007

Is there a target on every vehicle I own?

I made the traffic report on the radio again. Southbound 45 just south of Hampton Avenue, the traffic in front of me stopped so I stopped. Moments later the car behind me didn't stop. Drove me into the car in front of me, who then smacked the car in front of her. Four car collision. The good news is that my children were unhurt and my car is still in good shape. I have a bit of a sore wrist. Nobody was hurt in the cars in front of me. I think the lady who hit me was okay, but she didn't want to get out of her car to talk to us. She waited for the sheriff. Fine, whatever. Her air bags deployed so her car is probably totalled. According to the sheriffs she has insurance, some small consolation. However, as I said to my wife, I'm glad the vehicles in front of me were not too badly damaged because I doubt she has adequate insurance to cover the damage she could've caused with her reckless driving.

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