Friday, November 16, 2007

Interest group tango

Why are the state realtors joining with WEAC to "shift the tax burden" and give the shaft to taxpayers?

I spoke with one Realtor who has been active in the state organization and he put it to me bluntly. The Realtors are behaving just like any other special interest. High property taxes are an impediment to their industry and they would like the burden reduced. By partnering with the Wisconsin Education Association Council (the state’s most powerful lobbying force), they hope to achieve their goal of reducing property taxes even if the total tax burden goes up.
Perhaps when we all leave (starting with the senior citizens) they won't have to worry about property taxes. Property will have so little value it won't be worth taxing. The whole state will be like Milwaukee. Won't that be heaven. I wonder what the membership thinks?

The Waukesha Taxpayer League has some thoughts and notes on the "Wisconsin Way" meeting in Waukesha last week.

This isn't the first group to sell out their long term interests to Madison. WISN's Mark Belling has already explained at length how the Wisconsin Medical Society sold out its members during the last budget cycle

Strange things happen when the natives gather on Planet Madison, and rarely are they good for the taxpayer. Just think how different things would be if the state had passed the Taxpayer Bill of Rights when Republicans had the chance.

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