Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Here comes the flood

If you pray hard enough, you can make water run uphill. How hard? Why, hard enough to make water run uphill, of course!
- Robert Heinlein
Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue prayed for rain at the State Capitol yesterday.
"We've come together here simply for one reason and one reason only: To very reverently and respectfully pray up a storm," Perdue said after a choir provided a hymn.

Georgia and its neighboring states are caught in a drought that threatens public water supplies. Perdue has ordered water restrictions, launched a legal battle against the release of water from federal reservoirs and appealed to President Bush.

"It's time to appeal to him who can and will make a difference," Perdue told the crowd.

A church choir belted out "What a Mighty God We Serve" and "Amazing Grace" as a keyboardist swayed to the rhythm. While preachers spoke, worshippers chanted "amen," and some stood with eyes closed and arms outstretched.

"God, we need you," Perdue said. "We need rain."

The hourlong event was billed as an interfaith ceremony but only three Protestant ministers joined Perdue, who is a Baptist, and Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle.
We wish the governor well in his prayers, and we'll remember Georgia in our prayers as well. And to the governor's critics, it could be worse. He could be sacrificing virgins.