Monday, November 12, 2007

Give me a break

Jeff Wagner of WTMJ-AM 620 is dealing with the same old whiny complaints from Packer fans.

1) Minnesota Viking fans are so mean.

Look Packer fans. As someone who has visited your stadium as a fan of the opposing team and as someone who has visited the Metrodome as a fan of an opposing team, the Vikings fans are far less obnoxious than Packer fans. No Viking fan ever tried to pick a fight with me or my buddy while standing in line for the urinal. No Viking fan ever hit me with a rolled-up player poster. No Viking fan ever threatened me or wanted to "kick my ass", etc. Oh yeah, the Vikings fans were at least sober long enough to understand I'm not from Texas.
2) Packer fans shouldn't sell their tickets to fans from opposing teams.
Look Packer fans. It's not my fault your team doesn't charge enough for tickets. Maybe if they charged what the tickets were really worth those worthless stock certificates you hold so dearly might actually pay dividends. Maybe you could've afforded to field a competitive team the last couple of years. Maybe your team wouldn't have to ask Brown County to charge a tax to fund your stadium's renovations. And maybe you shouldn't complain about fans of visiting teams coming to your stadium and actually lending it a bit of class.

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