Monday, November 26, 2007

Debating Coexistence

To: Seth Zlotocha
From: James Wigderson

Re: "Coexist"


"I'm glad Mike Plaisted wrote this post regarding the COEXIST debate, since it more or less covers my thoughts on the topic..."

You lost me when the voice of reason you cited used the following words and phrases:
"fellow nut-job"
"usual wing-nut defense mechanisms"
"kook-right cheddarsphere"
"right-wing lunatic fringe"
"vanity site"
"fair-haired wing-nut" (note: Sykes has dark hair)
"recklessly offensive wing-nuts"
"bully tactics"
"sanctimonious posturing"
"in-your-face dancing wing-nuts"
"fully ensconced in his knowing sanctimony and his cozy corporate cocoon"
"usual gang of idiots"

Amazingly, he squeezed them all into one post. So I'm hoping for "less", not "more".